Friday, January 30, 2009

Mr.O is so right

Obama called Wall Street bankers "shameful" for giving out nearly $20 billion in bonuses while the government bailed out financial institutions.

I wanted to have a painfull laugh. What is wrong with all these bankers ? is my first reaction.While Mr.Citibank is buying a plane,some other C.E.O is renovating his swanky office while rest of the world is waiting for this turmoil to end. Everyday its becomming a struggle to hold on to your jobs. Is'nt this getting to a point of frustration ? Last i checked "BONUS" is remuneration for your hard work and not for your greed and destruction.

I hope Mr.O puts some stringent rules in place for these bonus phenomenon.Any takes on this story...

Slum Dog Millionaire

Just watched Slam sorry slum dog millionaire.Dont tell me i am a late entrant to comment on this movie as its already won Golden Globes.Nevertheless,in my space it matters what i post as if my review would take away the oscar nominations.I think the movie has a good momentum,pulse beating music thanks to A.R ,excellent cast ( uhhmmm am not sure of Ms.Pinto) overall a good upbeat movie.

Wondering minus the Boyle guy what is the fate of this movie in an international platform. Nothing, would be my quick answer. The west loves to see this poor ,humble,resilient India and voila they have got it...Boyle must be flipping through the pages of Yacht catalogues as i am posting this post..need i say more..