Friday, September 26, 2008

Cuppa Kapii

Growing up i was never interested in Kapi as they call it in the south of India,it was merely a morning drink which elder's of the family had for an instant cafffeine boost and get woken up from their deepest sleep possible.There are several instant coffee's in the world such as mocha,cappucino,frappucino's which brands like Starbucks and other barista's have patented but trust me nothing comes close to our traditional filter kapi..what an exhilarating feeling it is to have just one cup.

Many ways are adopted in making this heavenly concoction,i am going to make it " the nair" here it goes...lets c

1 Cup full cream milk

2 Spoons filter kapi concoction made from the "coffee maker " (trust me it works as good as the traditional filter coffee maker"

sugar as desired

microwave milk ,add 2 spoons of the concoction and sugar ...........mix well till you see some nice froth...

ta dahhh ..heavenly coffeee ..and forgot to mention..serve this in a small steell glass....

how about that ???


Solilo said...

Bloghopped from Rahul's seeing your last name.

That kappi looks tempting.

shail said...

The smallest steel glass makes all the difference eh?? (a non coffee drinker)

Bindu Nayar said...

u betcya

The abstract scientist said...

Hi Bindu,
I love filter kapi too. Nothing in the world can beat it. I miss bangalore and chennai in this regard.